The Annual Ipswich Biennial is an assembly of artworks, exhibitions, workshops, films and talks. The project began in July 2018, working across various spaces within the town. Making a virtue of limited means, the project is intended as a sensitive engagement with Ipswich, its rich history and an attempt to initiate and map a reshaping of civic visual culture.

This year the Biennial inhabits the civic wasteland, both interior and exterior, to present projects formed through collaboration. Working with individuals and local institutions it will platform ideas and aims to further grow the cultural landscape of the town. Engagement with the biennial model is critical, outlining ideas of multiplicity yet slyly mocking the impact time based ‘events’ have on the cultural townscape. For Ipswich, the ‘annual’ and the ‘biennial’ need to coalesce, a more continuous effort to engage is necessary.

We Biennialists hope that continuous change through exhibitions, interventions and regular events can foster an expanding community of shared ideas. The Annual Ipswich Biennial strives to create a context for art practice in a culturally undernourished environment, not as a spectacle every two years, nor as an exclusive yearly event, but as an ongoing, supportive and inclusive vessel.

Regular updates: @annual_ipswich_biennial

Contact – mail@aibart.org