‘Wine Rack’ – EDRM architecture design studio

This group exhibition assembles a range of artists’ ‘maquettes’ inspired by the redevelopment of the ‘wine rack’ on Ipswich waterfront. Etched in the psyche of local residents this structure has become synonymous with the age of financial breakdown and the period of austerity impacting our lives.

Reminiscent of a 1970s minimalist sculpture, the wine rack-esque structure has been both a loved and loathed feature of the Ipswich skyline for the last 10 years. Now under redevelopment the Artists’ for this exhibition were invited to propose alternatives for the site, replacing the wine rack with inventive and humorous reinterpretations.

Karen Densham
Annabel Dover
Katherine Gardener
Carl Morton
Alex Pearl
Adam Thompson

14th July – 28th July 2018
Viewable Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm